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If you read my Tales From The Thrift post for last month then you’d have already learnt about this oversized hoodie I got that I’m super glad I bought since it’s been raining non stop in Lagos. The CEO inscription on this jumper is my favorite thing about it and that has led me to writing today’s post where I’d be sharing with you five things to do to be better at your craft.

What I’m Wearing :

Hoodie – Thrifted

Shoe – Ameliacouture (IG)

Bag – Thrifted

Glasses – Roadside vendor

BE HUNGRY : Know why you want to do what you are doing, be sure to understand your cores and values, have goals and visions set out and be ready to go the extra mile at all times to achieve them. If it happens that does goals aren’t achieved, there is fulfillment that comes with knowing you tried your best, in the process you’d have also learnt a few things that would come in handy as no knowledge gained is lost.

BE DEDICATED : Ever wondered why that musician you think has such an amazing talent is no where to be found today while those that aren’t as talented are taking over the billboards? Well that’s because at some point the former stopped being consistent at creating music while the latter kept at it and kept improving. There is nothing new on the face of the earth so if you relax it will be easy for people to find a replacement for you and I’m certain nobody wants that.

Side dish : Learn how to be consistent.

RESEARCH : You don’t know it all, dedicate a tangible amount of time to learning more about your craft, learn new techniques, new ways to get audience, new ways to be a better you etc. By doing this you’re going to always be at the top of your game.

BE ORIGINAL : The only thing you really have to offer the world is your own personal touch, if you are doing things the way the next person is don’t you think your clients might as well just patronize the services of that person? Adding your personal touch to everything is always going to be a huge selling point. Like you reading this now for example, I bet you feel you know me personally and that’s probably why you still read my blog because I let my personality sip through in my writing instead of trying to write like how my favorite bloggers do. Remember, you are totally allowed to seek inspiration but DO NOT COPY!!!

GET A HOODIE LIKE MINE : Sometimes you might find yourself lacking motivation and things like this hoodie will sure have you feeling motivated when you see the CEO with the many zeros after it (I’m Igbo so don’t blame me for liking money). You don’t necessarily have to get a CEO hoodie too but any thing that will up your motivation scale if you’re ever lacking it.

The icing on the cake which are these five tips really is to sincerely and genuinely believe in yourself because in life, you are only as good as you think you are. I hope this post was helpful and has you you feeling ready to take the world this new week!!

Styling Tip : Get you an oversized jumper or sweater so that way you can wear it as a dress, keep warm and still show some skin as that’s the motive for summer’17.

How do you stay on top of your game? What are your thoughts on how I styled this hoodie? Do share your opinion with me by leaving a comment, thank you!!

26 thoughts on “THE CEO

  1. How do i stay on top my game?? I love to follow like minded bloggers and bloggers that inspire me to better just like you do, i research a lot, i take out time to rest ny head.
    Your hoodie is 😍😍😍😍. I love it.


  2. I love how effortlessly you slayed this look and great tips as well, I look forward to reading more of your posts🙃

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime


  3. Well said, Ifeoma. Consistency definitely plays a huge role in achieving one’s desired results. I love your posts and how you tie them into real life examples 🙂

    I’m a new blogger (kinda, I’ve had a few other blogs, but wasn’t really consistent). This post was a motivation as I learn more about blogging.

    Do check out my new post 🙂


    • I wrote a post on this bag when I got it because I was so excited I got this hot cake for just 500naira. I’d say it’s God really, because he knows my pocket and how much I love the finer things of life.


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