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If there is one thing I love about this millennium I’m in it is how women, especially young women are going against all odds to make a good name for themselves and Mayowa Desirée Iyama is one of the women I’m very proud of, from owning a blog to starting her fashion brand, to just graduating from the university, Mayowa is one inspiring young woman so you can tell I was extremely glad when her fashion brand approached me for a collaboration.

What I’m Wearing :

Dress : DesireeIyama

Glasses : Street Vendor

Shoes : Anne Michelle 

Bag : Thrifted

On getting this dress I was a little skeptical because I didn’t think the shape of the dress will suit me but guess whose favorite dress it is now?, yes you guessed right, MINE!

I’ve seen several posts on how to find your style and from my point of view, although I might put up a post on how to find your style sometime in the future, I think you can’t find your style from reading stuff off the Internet. To truly discover your style, I believe you need to experiment with clothes, wear anything and everything because you might be like me and think your pear shaped body won’t work with a particular shape of dress but on throwing it on, it might end up being just the dress your body wants and needs just like how I feel right now about this DESIRÉEIYAMA dress.

 July is finally coming to an end (this month dragged but I love every bit of it) and I’m even more excited for more great things to come in the latter months. Do be sure to make the most use of these last days in this month, live life intentionally, take huge steps, step out of your comfort zone and wear more out of your comfort zone.

Word For The Day : ‘Be daring and dive right in’ _ Annie Lawless.

How did you discover your style? What’s your favorite thing about this generation of young people? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment, thanks.

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