The 5 | Things I’m Loving

I really like chatting about random things so I thought of starting a series where I’d just talk about whatever that’s not necessarily fashion or beauty. I’ve decided to call it ‘the 5’ where I’d be talking about 5 things I’m loving, not loving, eating, drinking, books I’m reading, songs I’m loving etc.
In today’s ‘the 5’ I’d be sharing with you the top 5 things I’m loving at the moment so shall we? 

1. Inspire me koko, imk, inspiremekoko  

white off shoulder top, red clutch purse, bomber jacket, tunic, fashion bloggers, nigerian fashion bloggers I just stumbled on this blog recently and I love it! The images, the aesthetic of the blogger and how dope her clothes are and least I forget she is very pretty too.

2. New instagram 

I mentioned earlier that i manage the social media page of an ecommerce shop, having to log in and out of IG wasn’t making work easy for me but now with the switch account option im on top of my game.

3. Ushas eyeshadow palette 


I never liked eyeshadows until I had my face beat by a professional makeup artist recently and I realized eyeshadows actually suits me. So to learn how to apply this myself I decided to get an eyeshadow palette. I opted for ushas eyeshadow palette because I didn’t want to buy something expensive and waste it. To my surprise, the eyeshadow is really nice (maybe because it’s a gold palette and you know I love gold don’t you?) and I use it as an highlighter too.

4. Buffer, buffer app, buffer 

This app is amazing!!!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on it all this while. If you’re into marketing your brand or products on social media this is one app you need to get, it helps you schedule posts on your social media pages so even when you’re not online you’re still pushing your brand. Since I downloaded it the number of my page views on my blog have doubled. I love this app!!!

5. Under the same sky

 Yes I watch telemundo and I’m proud. I love this show, the suspense and action is great. Sometimes I might be bored and sad in a class but once I remember I’d watch it at 8:20pm it brightens up my mood. There you have guys, these are the five things I’m loving at the moment. Don’t get it twisted tho, I’m loving a lot more other this but these are the top ones right now. Do have an awesome weekend lovelies.


      What are you loving currently? I’d definitely love to hear from you, do leave me a comment below thanks.


13 thoughts on “The 5 | Things I’m Loving

  1. I like your blog b. It’s like breath of fresh air. Weldone.
    The way you feel about ‘under the sky’ is the same way I feel about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. That thing lifts my spirits.


    • I don’t know if it’s available for blackberry dear. You can search for it in the AppStore to find out. I’ve never really seen the old Ushas so I’m lucky I saw the rebrand lol. I got this from a market in Surulere lagos, so it should be available around you just be on the look out. You’re welcome, that’s why I here.


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