Skincare : My Dudu Osun Black Soap 

As I always lay emphasis on, I’m not exactly someone you’d call a beauty expert but due to popular demands I’ve decided to start sharing my personal skincare tips with you on this little blog of mine. Today I’d be talking about how I started using black soap and why I continued using it. 

The black soap I use is the Dudu Osun black soap. I used to use Dove cream bars but I was having mine imported as I don’t really trust Lagos stores to sell original products and I can’t deal with any skincare problems. Thanks to the increase in the exchange rates, I started seeking another alternative bathing soap and decided to give the popular black soap a try and I’m glad I did. 

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So far I’ve not had any skincare issues and my skin is even better now. I do not leave the black soap on my face for any longer than necessary for a special treatment, I just use it for a general bath. The soap foams well and doesn’t smell bad like the locally made ones do. The best part about the Dudu Osun soap is that it’s made from natural ingredients so you wouldn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and ofcourse how inexpensive it is. I don’t think I want my Dove cream bars back TBH.

I also tried using the black soap as shampoo (ofcourse not the same bar I use in having my bath) and the result was splendid. It still foams well with my hair, strips my hair of all excess oils and dirt. I’ve used this twice now to wash my hair and each time my hair feels fluffy after the wash. As I stated earlier it’s made of natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about parabens. 

Pros : Read this post again! 

Cons : It melts away easily once in contact with water so you have to keep it in a cool dry place ALWAYS.

Remember that beauty and skincare products do not always give the same results for everyone, the fact this works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for you but also note that you wouldn’t know what your skin/hair likes if you don’t try out different products. 

              Till next time…

Have you tried using the Dudu Osun black soap? What’s your experience like? Do share with me, I’d really love to hear from you…


36 thoughts on “Skincare : My Dudu Osun Black Soap 

  1. I tried this soap a while back. I have oily and acne prone skin. I saw an improvement after 2 days, but then broke out the second week. I read somewhere it is normal for one to experience breakouts initially, but the skin improves with time. I ran out of patience and just quit. But you are right, whatever works for A may not necessarily work for B. I love the content on your blog.


  2. Hey so I tried this soap as a shampoo….it works perfectly…i had to melt it and mix with honey and my hair felt extremely good after wash….thank u so much ifeoma….


  3. Hey so I tried this soap as a shampoo….it works perfectly…i melted it and mixed it with honey my hair felt extremely good after wash….thank u so much ifeoma….


  4. Wonderful post ifeoma…….I’m new to the skin and hair care routine as I am currently trying to correct some parts of my skin and have healthier hair so I’m definitely going to try this out!!!!!
    Thanks for the tips and keep doing what your doing….


  5. Dudu osun is pretty awesome. I only use it for my body and hair because my face reacts to it, I read reviews and I saw similar reactions. To use as a shampoo, I simply melt it in hot water and add honey and coconut oil and the results are always on point! Nice post👍


  6. Dudu Osun black soap to the rescue… I’ll definitely be trying this especially for my hair… Great post Ifeoma!


  7. As sulphate-free shampoos are not very available and somewhat pricey, this is what I use to clarify every month! I’ve had this same bar of 120naira soap for months now. Win win!


  8. For special treatment or if you want to go extra you can also put the black soap in a small tub and mash it with little water & a wooden spoon then pour honey, coconut oil or olive oil & shea butter in equal proportions & mix. If you want it as a body wash you can pour more water but if not then just add enough water to mix everything together.


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