Product Review : Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder As Setting Powder

 Happy New Week!!!

Is it just me or this year is really going by fast? Can you believe it’s already almost the end of the first quarter of the year? I’m in total awe to be honest and on this note I’d advice that we all start to cease every moment and opportunity because this year isn’t waiting for no one. 

Lately almost every girl has been baking and no I don’t mean cakes or bread. As a result of highlighting our faces to get a glowy look the use of setting powders to set your highlight aka baking is almost inevitable. 

I checked out the cost of the popular Ben Nye powder which is mostly use for this purpose in one makeup studio, you needed to see the way I moonwalked away from the shelf as it costs a couple of thousand naira. That didn’t discourage me tho, I kept hunting for an affordable setting powder till I say a makeup artist use a Black Opal Compact powder to set her highlight on ‘Makeupformelaningirls’ on IG (this account is the bomb seriously) then I decided to get one for myself.

Instead of the compact powder, I got the Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder and I’m totally digging it. It sets my highlight well, leaving my face beat looking really good for a long while thanks to its oil control formula. I’m not perfect at this yet, I’m not even anywhere close to perfect but in this learning stage I’m in I can tell you that this powder sets just fine.

I got it in the shade ‘Light 02’ which is shades lighter than my skin tone so it can have the same effect as the bannana powder. 


black opal, setting powder, affordable make up

Baking Process

black opal powder,mac makeup brush

I just casually dust off the excesses after the baking process

black opal makeup products, black opal cosmetics, good setting powder

Fresh out of the oven

I would definitely keeping buying this product as it’s very affordable (within the range of N2,000 – N3,00o depending on where you are buying yours), available in most of the makeup stores in Lagos and it also does a good job as a setting powder. Do have a great week ahead.
      What setting powders do you use? Any other affordable recommendations you would like to share with me? Please do so by leaving a comment below thanks.

19 thoughts on “Product Review : Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder As Setting Powder

  1. Ifeoma..abt ur oily skin u shud try using assured milk of magnesia its wrks 1dafully, its absorbs d oil in d skin after doing dat u wait 4 abt 15mins b4 applying ur primer…check it out


  2. I used the lightest color of that product as my own powder which means i cant get a lighter one to bake with yeah? Light skinned problems


    • They sell this in almost every beauty store in lagos. If you are around Yaba you can check the beauty stores or retailers there you’d definitely find it.


      • Oh i’m in Lekki I saw it on jumia but i’m not sure if it’s the real one or nah so should I get it from there ?


      • Go to the black Opal site and check out their container branding, if it looks like what you see you can give it a try but I advice you still go to a store.


  3. My sister uses black opal foundation stick and she swears by it. She gave up all her Mac product for black opal. I am not surprised this powder served the purpose of Ben Nye powder. You got that glow for a lesser price, yes to saving money!


  4. Hey Ifeoma, I use a shade darker of this powder to set my contour and it comes out really nice as well
    I think we’ve all been sleeping on black opal products 😦

    + your ‘fresh out the oven’ selfie is bomb!


    • I think everyone is into the bigger named brands. It’s nice to know you think this is good atleast now I’m sure I’m not misleading anybody. Thanks for leaving a comment


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