Product Review: Zaron Cosmetics Lippies

            Happy Boxing Day!!!!!!

In today’s post I’d be reviewing two amazing lipsticks that I found in my Zaron gift bag that I got at the Lagos Bloggers Brunch. They’re so nice it would be selfish of me not to share with you (I’m very nice yeah? Ikr)


The first one is the Zaron moisturizing lipstick in ‘Fireworks’. I’m a huge lover of red lipsticks so you can tell I was really excited as this was one of the shades I got because each gift bag came with a different shade.



Pros – If you are in need of an orange-red shade of lipstick, this should be your number one choice. The shade is perfect and comes out lovely on your lips. It also has a moisturizing effect which is perfect for this harmattan season.

Cons – I just really wish it’s matte *covers face*. Due to its moisturizing nature it wipes off quite easily. It also has an oily effect that I’m not really a fan of.

Remedy – To make it perfect for me, I mixed it with a shade of matte red lipstain that’s almost the same as it is and I was very happy with the result (there is no harm in mixing and matching till it’s exactly what you want).

The second one which is my favourite one (I saved the best for last hehehe) is the Zaron matte lipstain in ‘Royale’. What colour is associated with royalty the most? Yes you’re right, it’s purple!! ‘Royale’ is a beautiful shade of purple lipstick, its sort of a mix of purple and burgundy.



Pros – Purple is a hot colour right and this particular shade of it is pretty. The application brush is one of the best I’ve ever used, very gentle on the lips. With just one dip of the brush I got my whole lips covered so this means it would last a while (great deal yeah?) 

Cons – I really can’t figure out anything I don’t like about this one to be sincere.

Side note: I love the Zaron face primer but I would be reviewing that after the harmattan, just to be sure it’s not the harmattan that’s causing my face to be dry hahaha!!! Be sure to look out for this. 

You can get Zaron products on, mama tega store in Yaba, or any Zaron cosmetics store nationwide.


Ever used any Zaron cosmetics lipstick/lipstain? Was this review of any help? What are you doing today? Please leave a reply I’d love to know what you think.


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