DIY : How To Make Your Own Bunny Ears Headband 

Happy good Friday guys!!
I love bunnies, personally I think they are the cutest animals ever and nothing reminds me of them more than how Easter does, with all the yarns about Easter bunnies you get to hear and read about this holiday period. 

In today’s post I’d be sharing with details on how you can make your own bunny ears headband to look fancy this Easter holiday and if you’re not a Christian, or you do not celebrate Easter you can make this and rock it anytime you like too.

Let’s get started…

Materials you’d need :           


•Lace (I cut this out of somewhere don’t ask me where)

•Flexible wire (this can be gotten from places where they sell bead making wares)


•Plain black headband 


How to make it : 

•Firstly,  mark out points where you’d like the bunny ears to be on you band.

•With your flexible wire bend out two bunny ears, be sure to leave out some excess wire at the end like I did.  

 •Wrap your lace around your wire bunny ear and glue it to fit. (This was a little challenging because this is my first time trying to make this and I didn’t watch any tutorial or have any guide. This is totally all my idea). 

  •Repeat for second bunny ear. 

•With the excess wire attach each bunny ear to the points you marked out earlier by simply winding it around the band. bunny ears headband, diy blog, do it yourself

•And violá your own bunny ears are reading to be rocked.

bunny, easter bunny 

I still haven’t figured out the relationship between Easter and bunnies (and eggs too), I’m really too lazy to google it, if you know it kindly share with me in the comments section. Hope you liked this tutorial? Do enjoy your Easter holiday. 


What do you think of my bunny ears? What outfit will you wear with your bunny ears headband? Do leave a reply below thanks.


13 thoughts on “DIY : How To Make Your Own Bunny Ears Headband 

  1. Definitely liked the tutorial!
    I think they’re super cute, and it could be worn for a Halloween party (too bad we don’t do that in Nigeria .-.) or when you want to feel extra cute ^^


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