Tourist In My City : The Yaba Edition 

Thank God it’s Friday people!!! I’m not having one of the best Friday’s today but I’m thankful to God for memories, memories that make us happy and turn our frowns into smiles. So that’s why in today’s post I’d be sharing with you one of my happy days, it’s going to be a visual story kind of thing (ugh finally I’m saying visual story lol) I hope you enjoy it.

I planned to meet up with my friend, fashion stylist and fellow blogger Henry Uduku of fashdairies (insert proud friend grin here) and I had an amazing time going to meet him and also on my way back home. So fasten your seatbelt and see the photos I was able to take when I allowed myself to stop being shy of taking photos outdoor and let the blogger in me takeover!! 

First up is this building of the new tejuosho modern market. I find the structure very captivating but because I was stylishly taking photos (still shy) so this was the only part I could capture. 

Then I stopped to get some money from the custodian house (a cashless society helps reduce theft crimes, join the movement today) apparently there is a bank atm inside it that took me almost 10mins to find thanks for the kind security man’s intervention. 

While waiting for Henry to come pick me, my eyes caught this pink building and I went ‘oh this building is twining with me I have to take a photo’ and that’s exactly what I did. In as much as I love new buildings and their highly innovative architecture, I still have a very soft spot for these old colonial buildings. 

Fast forward some minutes later I met my cool kid of a friend and our meeting was brief because he was at work and had meetings to attend. The fashion business ain’t no joke! But we were able to get some photos together and I thought I looked really cute in them. 

For the first time ever!!!! I had my photos randomly taken on the street and by a total stranger. 

 What I wore :

Tshirt – Thrifted 

Dungaree – Jigsaw (Thrifted) 

Sandals – Mobile retailer

Backpack – Thrifted 

Total outfit cost minus my sandals – Less than 1,500naira.

Really thankful to that guy that agreed to take my photos (even though I think he is a bad photographer lol) and didn’t run off with my phone as I earlier thought he would (don’t judge me, this is Lagos anything can happen) 

It was really hot that afternoon so I decided to get my favorite affordable icecream from dominos located on the ground floor of Ecentre, Sabo Yaba. Sadly my flavors weren’t available (vanilla and coffee), so I had to keep moving. 

I spotted this pounded yam joint and decided to spend the icecream money on pounded yam instead and it was a good and bad experience. Judging from how the outside of the joint looked, I was expecting some dope pounded yam and very tasty soup but I was disappointed and wished I just kept moving. But it’s been a while since I had pounded yam so it was still money well spent. 

As I got to Yaba, I wanted to do a little thrift shopping but my body couldn’t take the heat from the sun anymore and not with that pounded yam that sank deep in my belly, so I just went straight home. 

This is the end of my story, if you liked it (or not) don’t forget to leave me a reply telling me what you think.

           Till next time…

How’s your Friday going? What are you excited about today? Do share with me by leaving a comment below thanks.


28 thoughts on “Tourist In My City : The Yaba Edition 

  1. Oh my God. I think we think alike!

    I had decided I was going to do posts about being a tourist only for me to come to your blog and stumble upon this. Whoa.

    Like minds?

    Love your outfit! My fellow thrifter! ❤❤ (I think you have more skills though, I hail).

    Lastly, I love your consistency. Great job!


  2. Firstly were has your blog been since. I thought i was the only person who saw the treasure in thrifted items. Like people dont just understand and there re all lik is your shirt retro religion and am like nop its yaba religion. Your blog is lit 🙌🙌. I love how your relating to the normal person oh. All blogs must not be about everything expensive and i just found my blog twin. Lol


  3. Your outfit is amazing and you look really nice ✨✨
    Where did you get the dungaree ?

    And you took really pretty pictures, I especially love the one of the pink building.


  4. Great visual story and I still have a silent love for old buildings. It was brave of you to give your phone to a total stranger. I’ve had my fair share of stolen phone drama. BTW he did a pretty decent job.


  5. Lol… I love the story ooo. Still not had the courage to take pictures of buildings. There are so many old buildings here (Osun State) I want to photograph but because shy…
    Please give the random stranger guy some credit he tried and I love love the overalls 😁😁😁


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