How To : Thrift Shop Like A Pro (Vol 1)

It’s finally Friday and who knows what that means? It’s DIY time!!!! (lol I know you weren’t expecting that). I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people asking me to take them thrift shopping which makes me feel really good because at the beginning I thought people would bash me for wearing second hand clothes but the problem now is I’m still a student and I don’t have the time to take everyone shopping, that’s why in today’s post I’d be sharing a few of my thrifting tips so you can DIY!!

1. Make a list of all the items you intend to buy even if it’s just a mental note. This will help you spend wisely because finding goods at such cheap price might be very overwhelming and you might end up not buying anything you really need. 

2. Do not go to the market/store with an unenthusiastic friend or relative. You might have to scan through racks and heaps of goods before you find that gem and if the person you’re with isn’t really interested you might not get anything nice as you’d be in a hurry. 

3. Try on every item (except you’re buying larger sizes than your actual size) because the UK size 8 of 5 years ago might have been altered, so you don’t go home with clothes that aren’t your size.

4. Always check the labels!! Most times I tend to go for popular branded item on the racks like Zara, hm, ragandbone etc because I’m familiar with the quality those brands offer. Also check out for washing instructions, I’d never buy a dry clean only piece or one that says ‘wash separately’.

5. Before you start bargaining set price limits on each item. Make a mental note on the most you’re willing to spend on an item, that will help you stay within your budget.

6. When it comes to pricing, always let the vendor speak first. Before I start to bargain I do a lot of calculating for example, if the vendor says a dress is 1000naira I’d divide that by 3 and say I’d pay 300 naira because I already know the most I’d pay for a dress is 500naira. 

7. Buying two or more items from one retailer reduces cost too. For example if an item is going for 300naira, you can buy two and pay 500naira for both. 

 Extra Tips :

Go shopping early in the morning when stalls are just opening or late in the evening when they are closing because at those points the vendors are desperate to sell their wares.

If you live in Lagos, the best days to go thrift shopping are Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s for really dope goods while Tuesday and Thursday’s cheaper items but I’d have to search and search before you find great goods. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from me? Do have an awesome weekend… CHEERS

Do you thrift shop? What tips do you have that I didn’t mention? Do leave me a reply.


66 thoughts on “How To : Thrift Shop Like A Pro (Vol 1)

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  2. Hello I just saw this post and I absolutely love it. I ll like to know if there is another place in Lagos I can thrift shop…cos my friend is always talking about yaba but I end up buying stuffs for 1500 or more 😟


  3. LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING! LOVE YOUR TIPS! Lmao I’m so guilty of getting excited over stuff I find. I also am scared people will make fun of me but tbh forget them lol I’m looking good for less and I have more range. There’s just something about thrift shopping you don’t get out of those big stores. Theres a huge mix of categories clothing fall into e.g. boho, hippie, floral etc


  4. I just needed to add this really quickly! If you see something you like don’t get too excited, those vendors will stand thier ground knowing you like the item.
    My mom always gives me the side eye when I do this.


  5. Hey!! See Ifeoma getting me excited for Lagos. Gurll these your tips are so true specially the date one. My mom will wait till its 2pm so we can get things at lesser prices cus those shop owners are always trying to hurry home. I once got 3nice chiffon tops for #100. Amazing feeling. This is great!!


  6. I will be your thrift partner o. If you’re looking for someone enthusiastic. + I don’t know where you seem to find these great denim pants. Normal stores just have skinny jeans and I don’t like tight pants so I’m hoping to find good ones somewhere.


  7. Hey dear, thanks for the super helpful tips. Two questions tho
    1. Why wouldn’t you buy an item that says “wash separately” or “dry clean only”?
    2. How about thrifting on weekends say Saturdays or Sundays??


    • Wash separately clothes mostly give away their color in water and I might forget to wash separately which would mean ruining my other clothes. I’m in Uni and most times I have to hand wash clothes so dry clean only clothes end up a waste of money except it’s not something I plan to wear regularly. I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions well enough


    • As for weekend thrifting, items are usually cheap but they are mostly leftovers from the week and it’s just luck that’d make you find really bomb things on such days.


  8. I absolutely love love thrifting ! Thank you so much for the tips, I’ll definitely keep them in mind.
    I don’t think I’d like to go thrifting alone (because I can’t price 😪) my amazing PIT is my mum and she’s a champion at that.. lol


  9. These tips are on point. I started making mental lists when thrift shopping after I used up all the money with me buying unnecessary items on 2 occasions. One of the things I miss about uni is my roommate and I setting out in the evening to get great bargains.


  10. I love shopping. Thrifting makes it much more intense and enjoyable. It’s like a battle, you have to plan and plan well. I agree with you about taking an enthusiastic person. I try not to look so joyous when I find something I want. Before they start ramping up the prices… I enjoyed this post!


  11. lol..thrifting has always been the deal…don”t be satisfied in a place you can still try else where, make the seller know you can still find it some other place if you decide to


  12. I’ve been thrifting for a long time now and I must say its one of the most therapeutic things. People don’t understand why but it’s helped me save a lot. As for PIT, I do like to go alone, two times I took people along I didn’t feel calm enough to take my time but I have one PIT I absolutely love we have the same aesthetics. I always want to thrift denim because I believe the best denim, is in the thrift #MyOpinion

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  13. I do and I love it! A little tip I learnt is; don’t seem eager/ desperate when you want to purchase an item. The retailer can smell that and will know and that might lead to price inflation! Talking from experience here 😦

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  14. I mostly go thrift shopping alone because I do not want to be hurried to make my purchases when I am not satisfied yet, I have a PIT(partner in thrfting) that I go with sometimes. She is just perfect, very patient and picky with thrifting items.

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