The 5 | Reasons I Hate Skinny Jeans 

Hey guys!!

How did your week go? If you had a stressful one like I did I’m sure you’re really excited it’s Friday because I am too!!!! 

In today’s post, as the title suggests I’d be sharing with you the 5 reasons why I hate skinny jeans but before we talk about my reasons let me share with you why five women I asked on Twitter hate the skinny jeans… 

Taking it off after a long day and the seam marks it leaves around my thighs – @simplysymmie 

When you add weight, skinny jeans = Useless – @de_s0_la

I hate how it hugs my skin – @babyhairsnafros

It’s stressful to put them on – @_lolami

They take seven minutes to get in to, tons of dancing, wiggling, belt loop pulling, kicking etc I hate the aerobics to put them on – @iluvmyafro

Totally relatable reasons right? Okay so here are my own five reasons… 


Of Course taking it off and wearing has to be the number one reason, sometimes I shed a tear or two while at this. 

Due to how skin hugging they usually are the pockets on the jeans are always almost useless. I think they should even save materials and stop putting pockets. 

I love denim jeans because of how well they shape my butt but in the case of the skinny jeans, when I look at my butt in the mirror all I see is compressed pancakes!! This is a huge NO! NO!! 

The worst part is when the music comes on (I love to dance) and I want to drop some bomb ass Shoki then It hits me that I’m wearing skinny jeans and I have to sit right back before I attempt it and have my jeans get ripped in a not so cool place you know where I mean right? (if you’re not Nigerian, you should totally check out Shoki videos on YouTube, you love it) 

The last but not the least reason…

JOKES!!!!! I love me my skinny jeans. Looking good doesn’t always have to come easy you know, for skinny jeans I’m willing to endure the struggle lol. 

For the weekend, I’m considering going to this month’s Mente De Moda just because Hans & Rene would be hooking us up with their really nice gelatos at the venue and an Urban Fuxion truck would also be there to quench any rumble in our belly while we shop, talk of greatness!! Ps : I’m not a foodie.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter what you waiting for? Follow me so you can join in on other subsequent conversations like this My handle is @shefvreign. Do have a fun filled weekend CHEERS!!!

What problems do you have with skinny jeans? Any plans for the weekend? I’d really love to get feedbacks from you, do leave a reply thanks. 


18 thoughts on “The 5 | Reasons I Hate Skinny Jeans 

  1. I don’t hate skinny jeans perhaps the benefit of being slim, although I don’t like those extra tight no-breathing-space skinnies. But I’m beginning to go the baggy way for extra comfort.


  2. Tho makes me uncomfortable, i still LOVE skinny jeans. You’re doing a great job here. Hope i could get some tips on how to keep my blog running. i’m a newbie in this game. Just launched yesterday.


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  4. I like wearing jeans that are ao tight. I dont even own any skinny jeans anymore because wverything was a struggle, sitting down, standing up, bending down, wearing it like nah wa. And its so hard for me to get pants cus 12 is tight but fits on the waist, 14 is okay but very lose on the waist and there is no 13. The struggle is definitely real nne.


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